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Snow and ice can make conditions hazardous during the colder months. Trying to clear it yourself can be tiring, time consuming, and dangerous as well. Whenever you require snow removal services in Edson, call on Dirt Works Bobcat Services Ltd as the trusted source with over 30 years of experience. We serve oilfields and commercial properties in Yellowhead County, Hinton, and surrounding areas.

We offer efficient snow removal and parking lot clearing services. This will ensure that there is safe and clear passage around your property for you and your clients. Our service includes thorough removal of snow from commercial lots, walkways, sideways, and driveways. We can provide snow clearing on an occasional basis or for the whole season to all commercial properties. If snow is becoming a hindrance in your oilfield, our snow removers will arrive at your site and clear it for you. We have the tools and equipment to clear off the snow from your oilfield or any other commercial property.


Call us for your parking lot snow plowing and sanding. We also provide sidewalk shoveling and salting for your business or commercial property.

Along with snow removal, we also provide sanding of roads and commercial parking lots, and ice control to ensure safe travel on your properties.

If you have anything beyond snow removal, ice control, and sanding services, you can still reach us. We can assist you with:

For more information on our services, please contact us.


We can help build concrete footings, grade beams, sidewalks, and more

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