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Dirt Works Bobcat Services Ltd offers fencing installation in Edson for its residential and commercial customers. We provide fencing services for municipal and oilfield sectors as well. 

Proper fencing is important for almost all types of properties because fencing your buildings, land, equipment, and vehicles can help keep them secure. It also offers you privacy and enhances the aesthetic value of your property.

So, when you require a fence around your property, get in touch with us. We are known among the homeowners and acreages for enhancing the look of the land or the house through fencing. We provide various kinds of fences and gates for commercial businesses also.

Types of Fencing

We can help you with a variety of fencing options for farm, commercial and residential, some of them are:

Chain link fencing
Ornamental iron fencing
Barbed-wire fencing

Chain Link Fences in Edson area

Chain link fences can come with complementary pieces such as cantilever gates, automatic gate systems, and barbed wire top additions. These types of fences are very low on maintenance and provide long-term protection. There are other types of chain links, which are worth considering. These include:

  • Galvanized chain links: This is mainly known for its durability and strength while being an economical solution for a chain link style of fence.

  • Vinyl coated chain links: This type of fence is present in a variety of styles and sizes. It can be tailored to match the framework of your yard and fence, adding style, beauty, and value to your property.

Vinyl Fencing

We can outfit you or your company with the perfect vinyl fence to suit your needs and style. Whether you want the standard white one, or the coloured vinyl fencing options, we can provide and install them all. This kind of fencing also provides privacy along with giving a clean, attractive, and solid look. 

Just get in touch to tell us what kind of fence you need, or we can advise you on the best fencing options that will be suitable for your project. We also offer various other services for commercial and residential purpose, such as concrete installations, landscaping, excavation services, snow removal, and much more.

Iron Fencing for Edson and Hinton

Ornamental iron fencing is a strong, durable, attractive, and virtually maintenance-free addition to any property. While providing an added layer of protection against unwanted visitors, it's also an aesthetically appealing way to increase your property value.


Get skilled landscaping contractors for municipal sector, industries, and construction business.

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